Backend ERP


Student admission system

    • Fully functional and automated admission form for student enrolment
    • Enroll students to a specific class for a certain session

Bulk import of students

    • Import as many students as you want using csv file

Class management with multiple sections

    • Add sections to a class
    • Ability to assign teacher for a section
    • Multiple sections under a certain class

Class-wise subject management

    • Add subjects for each class separately
    • Assign a teacher for a subject

Class routine or class schedule

    • Manage class timetables section-wise
    • Change timetable when required

Student promotion

    • Promote a student from one class to another
    • Ability to choose which students get promoted and who are not
    • Promote students to a new academic session
    • Ability to have a look at student’s results while promoting

Students’ daily attendance

    • Take attendance of students daily
    • Keep track if students are absent

Students’ attendance report

    • Get a well defined attendance report for all students of a certain class for a certain month
    • Ability to print the attendance report

Exam management

    • Specify exam dates
    • Add or remove any exam anytime you need

Exam evaluations or marks management

    • Evaluate or put exam marks for each student subject wise
    • Compare students’ marks
    • Print student marksheet

Students’ tabulation sheet

    • Get a report of marks of all students for a certain class for a specific exam
    • Printing option of that tabulation sheet of students’ marks

Question papers for students

    • Ability to upload question papers for students

Study materials for student

    • Ability to upload study materials
    • Study materials can be class specific
    • Students can download the materials anytime they need


    • Organize books class-wise
    • Students can issue the books they need
    • Librarian can keep track of the books issued

Transportation management

    • Add transport for your school
    • Ability to attach students to a transport service


    • Ability to manage school dorms
    • Assign students to specific dorm

Students’ fees management

    • Create single invoice for student fees
    • Mass invoice generation for convenience
    • Ability to take multiple payments under single invoice
    • Payments can be taken both online or manually

Online payments

    • Take student fees via PayPal
    • Take fees via Payumoney

SMS gateways

    • ZIT APIs are integrated
    • Choose any one of them according to your need
    • Ability to disable SMS services

Private messaging

    • Contact any user with private messages
    • Receiver gets notified with email notification

Academic year or session handling

    • Keep your school records year-wise
    • Ability to select academic sessions
    • Ability to see previous session data

Management of teachers

    • Add/edit/delete teachers anytime you need
    • Assign teacher to specific class or section
    • Assign teacher to specific subject


    • Create payment invoices
    • Create mass invoices for a particular class
    • Students’ payment history

Expense management

    • Add school expenses
    • Keep track of expenses
    • Set separate category for school expenses


    • Add/edit/delete parents
    • Assign parents to student
    • A parent can be associated with multiple children


    • Separate user account for library management
    • Responsible for issuing of books


    • Separate user account for managing school fees
    • Can also manage school expenses
    • Can keep track of unpaid student fee invoices

Universal noticeboard

    • Add announcements or important notices for all users
    • Notices are shown on each user’s dashboard on calendar

Multiple color scheme option for backend

    • Change the look and feel by changing color schemes from system settings

Customization of school information

    • Change school name and other information from system settings

Multiple SMS gateways

    • Multiple SMS gateways integrated
    • Choose among MSG91, Twillio or Clickatell



Frontend school website management panel

Homepage slider settings

    • Ability to add three slider images with title and description for the school website’s main slider

Events management

    • Ability to create events that will show on website
    • Ability to hide/show on school website


    • The noticeboard of the school website is fetched from the backend erp noticeboard module

School Gallery

    • Ability to create Gallery for specific event
    • Ability to add any number of images inside a gallery
    • Ability to choose if the gallery will be shown on website or not

Teacher profiles

    • Teachers are fetched from teacher module
    • Ability to select which teacher will be shown on website


Frontend School Website

Noticeboard :The notices from backend erp

Event List: The events that are created by admin from frontend settings

School Gallery: The galleries with images which are allowed by admin to show on the website

Admission form: A simple admission form for offline/manual admission

Teacher Profiles: Teacher profiles with their contact info

Contact Page: Page for viewers from where they can contact the school administration




Package (Online Software)

Cost Per Month/Student

Cost Per Year/Student(At a time Payment)

School ERP Software : Per Student


10 Taka

100 Taka

School ERP+SMS Gateway: Per Student

20 Taka

200 Taka

School ERP Software+SMS Gateway+1 IT executive : Per Student

50 Taka

500 Taka




Payment Procedure:

  • 100% Advance Payment monthly or yearly
  • Payment will goes to ZAMAN IT Accounts pay Cheque.
  • All Tax, Vat & Other Charge excluded.



Support & Maintenance & Training:

  • Unlimited Support over phone, email or live chat
  • Video Training: Free
  • Training in ZAMAN IT: Free
  • Training at outside of ZAMAN IT: 5000 Taka




  • Phone: +8801891919650, Mob: +8801891919651
  • Skype: itsolution2008
  • Whatsapp: +8801866744400
  • Email:,
  • Web:


  • Bangladesh Office: House# 63, Road#13, Sector#10, Uttara, Dhaka-1230, Phone: +8801891919650
  • USA Office: 7900 Xerxes Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55431, Phone: 9523148186 
  • Malaysia Office: 13, Jalan Dagang 1/1, Taman Dagang, Ampang .68000 Selangor. Phone: +601127769975