Commission On Sales is a unique service from ZAMAN IT where we will sale your product and you will get the profit. It's very simple. If you have product or service then you can hire ZAMAN IT marketing team and they will sale your product. They will give you the sales lead and your work will be exicution only. Our sales team talk with tousand clients for you and find out the right person/clients for you. So you can focus on your production and your company development.

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It's very easy and simple.


Service Charge: 5000 Taka/month


What You will get?

  • 1 dedicated marketing manager for you.
  • 1 dedicated person for door to door marketing.
  • 1 dedicated telemarketing executive.
  • 1 digital marketer for your marketing campaign plan
  • 1,00,000 taka investment for digital marketing
  • Lead generation and primary communication
  • Regular clients followup
  • Online Software Access for lead history


Commission: 5%-50%, Depends on product & services.(Negotiable)